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The “Micks” Are Coming (or as my uncle says) “The Irish”

Well it seems like an eternity since I last managed to post anything meaningful on the blog. The connection speed here is dire and it almost requires setting the alarm clock to wake up at 0330 in the morning in order to be able to use the available, but scarce bandwidth. The solution seems in moving off the base where I live and into town where “normal” ADSL seems to be the norm.

However, I just couldn’t resist posting this short Vid of an Irish Defence Force Pipe Band the other evening.

[blip.tv ?posts_id=1134174&dest=21149]

Whats great is to see Saffron kilts for a change (rather than the Scottish Tartans) and to hear the very different sound of Irish Pipes.



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I just can’t seem to get away from Burgers!

Well I haven’t posted for a while and that’s been due to the fact that I have had to get connected to the wireless system that covers the area where I am now living and working. It really is a great welfare support to have this ability to connect onto the web without having to queue for time and space in an internet cafe.

There are restrictions on bandwidth etc which is not the best for someone like me who needs access to his social media but I am sure solutions are out there for these problems.

I have just found out how to ftp from a web based system as the network router here blocks normal ftp platforms.


I haven’t found out yet how I am going to be able to upload podcasts of any considerable length, but hey! these are nice little challenges eh?

Well just wanted to let you now I am still alive and getting back on track.
Went for a walk this afternoon around the area where I am and bumped into …. can you believe it Burger King.

Burgers get everywhere. Even Here!

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My First Evening in Pristina

[blip.tv ?posts_id=1071338&dest=21149]

After arriving at my Hotel where I was to spend the first evening in Kosovo, I went for a short walk to get some cash for the next day and found somewhere really cool to eat one of the best meals I have eaten in a long time, in a restaurant called “Liburnia” in the centre of downtown Pristina. My batteries died too soon. PPPPPPP!

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From a Window

As I type my emails before “Turning in for the Night” I just set my recorder “On” on the window sill. A typical Pristina night sound at just after 10pm.

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